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The nearest faraway place.

A seaside peninsula brimming with life and activity, Marina Bay has everything a coastal apartment community could ask for: gorgeous views, fresh ocean air, a first-class marina, and a beautiful boardwalk with restaurants, bars, boutiques, and anything else you might need for a waterfront adventure. Enjoy ferry service into Boston and a shuttle directly to the red line, placing you exactly where you need to be.

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Seaside Living for City Slickers

Meriel’s sparkling ocean vista inspired both its name and architecture. Gaelic for “shining sea” or “sea nymph,” Meriel was designed by award-winning architecture firm Elkus Manfredi to offer an exquisitely contemporary seaside experience just a few miles from downtown Boston.

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  • A Stunning Exterior

    Drawing from the area’s unique architectural heritage, Meriel Marina Bay features a traditional palette of New England materials deployed in an ultra-contemporary style, creating a unique modern residence that’s perfectly at home in its harbor setting.

  • Uncommon Spaces

    The shared spaces at Meriel present a modern homage to Marina Bay’s fascinating history. Custom tables for the lounges were built from recycled marine lumber, and the amenity floors are made of wood planking that resembles the deck of a 19th Century vessel.

  • Breathtaking Views

    In order to maximize Meriel’s spectacular ocean-city views, our award-winning architects used a special type of double-hung window that features one pane significantly larger than the other. This unusual treatment provides our residents with more of what they love—wide open views of the sea and sky—while continuing to honor the architectural heritage of Marina Bay.