April 3, 2017

The Best Restaurants in Marina Bay

Throughout the year, Quincy’s Meriel Marina Bay residents enjoy a tranquil resort lifestyle. However, what would deluxe waterfront living be without fine dining?


Fortunately, Marina Bay offers some of the most exciting culinary options in all of Massachusetts. Below is a sampling of what your taste buds can look forward to when you move to this community.


1. Siros

The talented restaurateur Kristie Henriksen, who lives in Marina Bay, launched Siros in 1993. It’s an upscale Italian restaurant with an informal vibe. There’s no dress code, and children are welcome. You can eat outside or inside — every section provides sweeping views of the ocean. Among the entrees, which are reasonably priced, are creative lamb, swordfish, calamari and salmon dishes. Small plates for small appetites are available.


This establishment is popular with local celebrities as well as local dogs. Yes, it’s pet-friendly.


2. The Chantey

The Chantey is situated right on the boardwalk. It’s a nightclub and cafe that prepares seafood, soups, salads, burgers and other comfort foods. The menu boasts some delightful surprises too, including kale slaw instead of coleslaw, a quinoa bowl with roasted vegetables and fish tacos with chipotle aioli. And at the bar, you can savor cocktails, martinis, draft and bottled beers, red and white wines and some delectable frozen concoctions.


There’s a live DJ each Saturday night, and you can sing your heart out at Friday night karaoke. You don’t need reservations, and you can always get a meal to go at The Chantey. All in all, it’s a fun and casual environment, one where families can feel at home.


3. WaterClub

WaterClub is an expansive nightspot that serves pub fare like pizzas and sandwiches. Its appetizers are meals unto themselves; you might have to split your order of chicken wings or buffalo chicken nachos. Not to mention, the cocktails and mixed drinks are outstanding.


For a treat, grab a patio table on the second floor. After the sun sets, you can gaze out over the shimmering waves and marvel at the lights of downtown Boston.


Above all, WaterClub is boisterous. It’s a place to dance, throw a party or watch a game on a giant television with rabid sports fans.


When you live in Meriel Marina Bay, these and other great restaurants are all a short walk away, so you can meet friends and neighbors whenever you like. No need to worry about taxis or parking spaces.


At the same time, you can enjoy all the sophistication and elegance of a fancy Boston establishment. And, after you eat, you can stroll along the ocean, head to nearby shops or return to your waterfront residence to sleep off your food. It’s hard to top the convenience of such a meal. Just be sure to save room for dessert.


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