April 18, 2017

The Convenience of Marina Bay

A convenient home is a happy home. It’s easy to lose a huge chunk of precious time each week to rush-hour traffic. On romantic evenings and outings with friends, we often have to circle city blocks multiple times in a mad scramble for a parking space. But what if you had a home that was near your job and near a variety of shops, restaurants and leisure spots? Well, Meriel Marina Bay in Quincy, Mass., is just such a place.


The Best of Two Worlds

Meriel Marina Bay is a tranquil place, a resort-style complex that’s packed with amenities and close to soothing ocean waves. And its many conveniences make life there even more relaxing.


If you work in Boston and live in Meriel Marina Bay, you have these transportation options:

  • A quick and direct drive.
  • A free shuttle to the Red Line, one of the city’s major subway routes.
  • Ferry service during the summer.


Thus, you needn’t feel completely like a suburbanite at Meriel Marina Bay. To the contrary, you can work, eat, go to ball games and meet people as often as you’d like in Boston. At the same time, you get to escape the noise of the city every night as you head home to your waterfront paradise.


Shopping and Recreation All Around You

Meriel Marina Bay has set aside about 17,000 square feet for shops. Additionally, the stores and restaurants of a thriving boardwalk community are just steps from your door. Not to mention, if you enjoy boating, Quincy’s extensive and picturesque Marina Bay is essentially your front yard.


From Meriel Marina Bay, it’s a short walk to Squantum Point, a lush park that’s home to many different kinds of birds — it’s an idyllic place to walk or canoe. You might also enjoy jogging or running the nearby Quincy RiverWalk, which is two miles in length.


Small-town and big-city lifestyles offer different conveniences. The beauty of Meriel Marina Bay is the way it combines those advantages. When you’re there, you can both admire majestic skyscrapers in the distance and lose yourself in the splendor of the sea.


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