January 3, 2018

New Year, New Resolutions!

The end of the year is more than just a time for celebrating with family and friends. It’s a time for people to reflect on the past year and what changes they want to make for the new year. The most common resolutions that are made every year are to lose weight, eat healthier, save money, the list goes on and on. But sometimes those resolutions can be hard to keep and before you know it, the resolutions are broken. However, resolutions don’t have to be huge changes that are hard to keep! They can also be small and even fun activities that will make the new year a great one. Here are some different ideas for your new years resolutions this time around:
Get your photo taken in 10 interesting places
Looking to travel and see more of the world? Make it a resolution to visit 10 interesting places during the new year. Think of those places that you’ve always wanted to see and make it happen. And of course, don’t forget to take photos while you’re there! From the Great Wall of China to the Grand Canyon, there are so many places to explore. Let your imagination run wild and make a list.
Break a record
Take on a challenge this year and break a record. You can break a personal record or if you’re up to it, break a world one! This is actually easier than it sounds. There are thousands and thousands of diverse records out there, and they’re waiting to be broken! Plus, a little confidence boost by taking on and completing this challenge wouldn’t be such a bad way to start the new year.
Make a new friend every month
Did you know that making friends is actually good for your health? So why not improve your health and grow your social circle all at once! Attend more social events in the area, have your friends introduce you to their friends, or even become a resident at Meriel and meet new neighbors at our resident events!
pexels-photo-708440 (1)
Learn something you never learned as a child
Channel your inner child and learn an activity you never learned as a kid! Whether it’s learning how to ride a bike, how to swim, or how to do a handstand, have some fun with it. Your younger self would be so proud of you!
Try a new food every week
Most new years resolutions include taking certain foods out of your diet. But maybe you should consider adding some new ones! Go to the international section of your grocery store and try something you’ve never even heard of or go to the fruit section and try an exotic fruit. Adding new and exciting foods to your diet can not only help you get different nutrients, but also will just help you enjoy food more!
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Do something nice for someone else every day
When people think of making resolutions for the new year, the resolutions tend to focus on improving themselves. While there is nothing wrong with that, this year try to focus some resolutons outward and do something nice for someone else every day. It can be as easy as giving a compliment or more involved like donating blood. Making a difference will help the community around you as well as increase your own happiness!
Give these resolutions a try in the new year! You might be surpised as to how easy it can really be. And of course, start your year off right with a tour of our beautiful, brand new community! Anchor down in the new year and make Meriel your new home today.