February 10, 2017

5 Reasons to Live In Marina Bay

If you’re looking for a relaxing place to live with all the amenities of a resort destination, take a quick ride south of Boston to Marina Bay, a boardwalk community we call home. Our waterfront community here in Quincy truly exemplifies life outside of Boston in all its splendor.


1. Boardwalk Living

One of the best part of New England living is having immediate, easy access to the ocean. Living along Marina Bay’s stunning pier offers you a variety of outdoor entertainment options perfect for any season including scenic walks along the water and cozy seafront dining, to sunbathing and water sports during the warmer months. Complementing Marina Bay’s boardwalk scenery, the neighborhood’s jaw-dropping skyline views of Boston remind you that the city is only a boat ride away!


2. A Vacation Vibe All Year Long

Throughout Marina Bay and Quincy, you’ll find historic sites, unique architecture, lush state parks ideal for hiking, and don’t forget the beaches! These activities are perfect for an excursion any time of year! If you’re looking for something a little closer to home, Meriel Marina Bay also offers amenities that go above and beyond including a heated swimming pool with sundeck, BBQ areas perfect for a summer’s night cookout, a place to store your Kayaks to ensure your day is filled with fun and plenty of outdoor green space.


3. A Healthy Work-Life Balance

If you work in Boston and live in Quincy, you’ll have a direct and relatively easy commute each day (just ask about our free shuttle!). While the bustle of the city is certainly exciting, it can be a great relief to escape the crowded concrete jungle for the calming ocean waves in our community. Marina Bay is perfect for those who want to escape the busy city and revitalize themselves every day!


4. A Peaceful Entertainment

Our community is soothing to the soul. Let the sea breezes uplift and refresh you after a long day at work, sit and enjoy time with friends at one of the amazing restaurants in the area or go for a stroll on the boardwalk. Marina Bay has great restaurants, parks, bars, boutiques and shops right outside our front door.


5. The Seafood
Marina Bay and the surrounding neighborhood is renowned for seafood restaurants, many of which provide dockside tables. Restaurants range from high-end meals to tasty, local shacks, coupled with our “never boring” local cuisine. When you’re at work, you just might catch yourself frequently daydreaming about your next meal in Marina Bay.


Marina Bay embodies many of New England well-known charms: the joys of history, culture, art, nature, and fresh seafood all rolled into one.


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