February 10, 2017

The History of Quincy’s Marina Bay

These days, residents of Marina Bay in Quincy, enjoy a peaceful resort lifestyle by the ocean. What many of them might not realize, though, is that some of the bravest people in New England history once lived and worked just steps from their waterfront property.
Reaching New Heights
Marina Bay is situated on Boston Harbor, but the neighborhood was once more famous for airplanes than boats. In 1910, Harvard University’s Aeronautical Society leased 700 acres there and staged a grand exhibition of flying: the Harvard Aero Meet. From 1927 to 1940, this part of Quincy was home to Dennison Airport. And in 1927 and 1928, a social worker who lived in the area spent a great deal of time at this airfield, practicing her flying. Her name was Amelia Earhart.
Fighting the Good Fights
Marina Bay has a proud military history as well. Its Victory Shipyard built watercraft that saw action in World War I. At one point, it created a ship in just 45 days, setting a record for speedy construction. During World War II, fighter pilots trained at Marina Bay’s Squantum Naval Air Station, a facility that closed in 1953.
A Community is Born
In 1956, the electric company Boston Edison purchased land in the region. It intended to build a power plant, however, those plans never materialized. Quincy’s municipal leaders decided in 1985 to turn the marina into a mixed-use development, which paved the way for the community that residents, business owners, and visitors treasure today. It’s a neighborhood of charming shops, sophisticated eateries, and natural beauty in every direction.
Here Come the Celebrities
By the early 2000s, Marina Bay was enjoying a burgeoning reputation. For instance, in January 2004 various media outlets reported that Willie McGinest, a linebacker for the New England Patriots, lived there.
Around the same time, several other Patriots called the district home; Tom Brady included. In fact, Brady made headlines when he went to one of its fine boardwalk restaurants with the actress Tara Reid. Additionally, several Boston newscasters, athletes and politicians have lived in Marina Bay since then. If you move into a deluxe apartment at Meriel Marina Bay, you might gaze out your window one day and reflect upon the great local men and women of yesteryear.