February 19, 2018

Featured Floor Plan | A8

Our A8 floor plan features a 1 bedroom apartment home consisting of 694 square feet. This apartment is perfect for entertaining and even relaxing after a long day of work. Not sure how to furnish this layout? We’re here to help!
Let’s start with the entrance into the apartment. This floor plans offers the perfect space for a side table right when you walk in to drop off your keys and bag. Upon entering the kitchen and living room, you’ll see that there is plenty of room to have a dining set along with your living room furniture. Tucking a small circular dining table in the corner nook allows you to save room for all of your furniture. The next question is “what fits best in this living room?” A modern loveseat and chair gives you enough lounge space to relax after a long day. Completed with a television, a coffee table, stylish plants, art pieces on the wall and a large area rug, this living room will have you so impatient to get home every day!
On your way to the master bedroom, there is a spacious hallway that provides some extra room to add another element to your apartment. I would suggest adding a bar cart in that area to give your new home some personalization and enhance the entertaining aspect of this floor plan. Upon entering the master bedroom, you’ll notice that it is an internal bedroom with no windows. No worries; you can make this room so bright you won’t even miss a window. Let’s keep this set up simple in the bedroom. A queen bed fits perfectly in the corner of the room with a side table next to it. A tall dresser adjacent to the bed and a television across the room next to the closet complete this room. Add a tall lamp to the right of the entrance you have a well lit bedroom. But it doesn’t stop there. To create the appearance of natural light, I suggest painting the walls a pale, light blue color. This will make the room appear larger and brighter. Our North Star paint color is the perfect choice! Then add white curtains along the entire wall behind the bed to create the appearance of bright light. When you turn your room lamp on, the walls and curtains will illuminate the entire room. And the best part of an internal bedroom? Turn off the lights and you can easily catch up on rest whenever you want!
So what are you waiting for? Schedule a tour today to take a look at our A8 floor plan! We know you’ll fall in love with our brand new community.