February 23, 2018

Featured Floor Plan | B8

Hello and Happy Friday! For today’s Featured Floor Plan, we are exploring the B8 layout. This is my personal favorite two bed/two bath floor plan that Meriel has to offer. I can absolutely envision myself in this apartment, so let’s dive into how I would stage everything!
This floor plan has a private entry way, so you walk into a little hallway. Immediately to your left in the first nook, I would add an entry table with a lamp to drop off my keys. In the next nook I would have some complimentary decor, and then the storage closet is perfect for jackets, coats and bags.
This kitchen is a fabulous size with the perfect amount of surface area for cooking prep. The island also provides an overhang, which will work great for a couple of stools underneath. This is a double bonus because it eliminates a need for a formal dining table, and is perfect to entertain guests while also getting work done in the kitchen!
Now, let’s move into the living room. The functionality of this space is more than generous because this area is almost a perfect square. There are cable ports on either side, giving the option to have a TV/entertainment system on whichever wall you like. I chose to have a sectional couch on the right wall, my TV on the left wall, and splitting the room with a sleek coffee table in the middle. In the back left corner next to the windows, I would add an elegant swivel chair. This allows the person using it to look out onto the balcony, or be involved in conversation in the living room.
On the left side of the apartment, you will find the master bedroom. This room is absolutely phenomenal! Two of the walls are all windows. With this particular layout being south facing, you will get ALL of the light! The wall that shares the other side of the living room is where I would place a queen sized bed and two matching side tables with lamps to border it. I would keep the decor and color palette of this room nautical and breezy to match the theme of waterside living and all the natural light that comes in through the magnificent windows. To finish off the bedroom, I would add another statement chair in the corner, and then a tall bureau with a mirror in the other.
The last room in this layout is the second bedroom. However, I would actually use this space for an office. It provides the perfect space for a big desk, as well as another couch or bureau. Also the closet is worth noting. Having another large closet is awesome for more storage space.
To really help paint the picture, I made a Pinterest board for reference! Happy decorating everyone!
B8 Layout with Notations