February 23, 2018

Featured Floor Plan | S1-A

Don’t let having only one room fool you, this S1-A studio floor plan has all of the space you need for yourself and guests! Let’s take a look at how we can make 592 square feet feel like more than enough space! With this layout, it is all about creating a separate sleeping and living area and maximizing the useable square footage at the same time. Keep reading to find out how to do this!
Upon entering the floor plan, you are gazing down the kitchen (galley style) and into what will soon be your new living room! When you walk in with guests, it will feel more welcoming if they are looking at a seating area rather than your bed, so we will get to that piece second. Let’s start with a mounted TV on the living room wall to your right. This will leave space underneath for any shelving or entertainment center you may have to push up against the wall. For the couch, a nice sized 2-3 person sofa floating in the middle of the room, facing the television would look perfect. This allows space for a coffee table in the middle (use a storage ottoman for extra space to hide away blankets and other miscellaneous items). Depending on what size couch you choose, you may be able to add a fun chair for more seating near the windows.
“Where do I eat!?”, you may ask? With the convenient alcove next to the pantry, there is the perfect space for a small high-top table (refer to the Pinterest board link below for ideas!). This not only will provide additional seating in the living space when guests are visiting, but also a nice breakfast nook for meal time.
With a living room and dining area already in place, you have the rest of your apartment to dedicate to the bedroom area! Try a Queen bed against the far wall, which leaves space for two end tables. Floating shelves are great, as it leaves space for underneath storage!
With this strategic layout for this floor plan, there really is no need for a divider, but there is certainly room for one if you like. Try a screen, long curtain that can be drawn behind the couch, or large bookshelf against the back of the couch to separate the rooms even more!
For decor inspiration, check out this Pinterest board!