March 28, 2018

Best Indoor Plants For Your Apartment!

With spring weather right around the corner, gardening season is almost upon us! Did you know that there are certain plants that are perfect for apartment living? Forget the fuss of gardening; there are indoor plants that will give your apartment a new, trendy look and are super easy to take care of! Here are some plants that will look perfect in your beautiful apartment home, and some tips on how to take care of them:
Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
This large plant is sure to give your apartment some new character! To maintain the beauty of this tree, water it when the top of the soil is dry and keep it in direct sunlight.
fiddle leaf fig
Bamboo Palm
This plant is perfect for the person who is always on the go. Place it wherever you like in the apartment and just make sure to give it some room temperature water until the soil is moist every day. Bamboo Palm also purifies the air in your apartment!
bamboo palm
Split Leaf Philodendron
This ocean-esque plant will perfectly compliment your new oceanside lifestyle! Keep this tropical plant in medium to bright light just make sure to keep the soil damp.
split leaf
Boston Fern
Boston Ferns are perfect for pet lovers. This plant is non-toxic to both dogs and cats! Boston Ferns thrive best in cool temperatures and indirect sunlight.
boston fern
Snake Plant
This sleek and spiky plant will offer a new texture to your apartment design! Give a Snake Plant as much light as possible and turn the pot every few weeks.
snake plant
Perhaps one of the easiest plants to take care of, cactus varieties make the perfect apartment plant! Lots of sunlight are perfect for cacti and all you need to do is soak the soil with water once a week. It doesn’t get much easier than that!
Aloe Vera
The Aloe plant should not have direct sun, so this plant can look perfect in the kitchen area! Water it heavily once a week and you’re all set. This plant is great to have around due to it’s healing effects.
To find more indoor plants that are great for your apartment home, check out our Pinterest board. Happy Spring!