March 20, 2018

Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Happy First Day of Spring!
The day that we have been waiting for has finally come. After what seemed to be a never-ending winter, we finally made it. Time to start opening those windows and letting fresh air fill our rooms and breathe life back into our home!
Now that warmer days are headed our way, it’s time to spruce up the place and get a jump start on spring cleaning. Did you know that the origin of spring cleaning can be traced back to the 19th century when people would clean their homes thoroughly before the memorial feast of Passover?! Now that we have insight of where the idea came from, let’s get started on our own space.
Some tips to help keep the cleaning remain stress free is to take the process one step at a time. Don’t worry about being too ambitious and wanting to finish everything in one day, focus on one room a day and take your time. Still feeling overwhelmed or need some guidance? Check out our Spring Cleaning Pinterest Board to help light the way to clean living!
Finding yourself with bags of old clothes that you don’t know what to do with? We have the solution! Starting this week until Earth Day (April 22nd) we will be having a donation box in our North Building lobby. We will donate the contents of the box to Goodwill in Quincy, MA!
Ready, set, spring-clean!